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Quality Policy Statement


Quality is the responsibility of every employee of Integrajaya Calibration Technologies Sdn. Bhd. All employees, management and personnel are committed to provide high quality calibration services through a continuous improvement of the laboratory management system.

Our Quality objectives are:-

  • Committed to meet good professional practices and to the quality of our calibration/testing in servicing our customers by complying with MS ISO/IEC 17025 requirements to signify the competence and reliability of the laboratory;
  • To communicate frequently with our customers to determine and understand their needs and requirements;
  • To afford all laboratory personnel the opportunity to develop their potential in a working environment that recognizes individual and group quality achievements and encourages excellence among all;
  • All laboratory personnel are responsible to ensure that the laboratory management system is communicated, understood, available and implemented effectively at all times;
  • All technical personnel related to calibration/testing activities within the laboratory is familiar, understood and implement the policies and procedures in their scope of work;
  • The laboratory top management is committed to ensure that the laboratory is comply to the requirements of MS ISO/IEC 17025 and continuous improve on the effectiveness of the laboratory management system.


Mission Statement


"We are fully committed to deliver quality and professional calibration services to our customer by meeting or exceeding customers' requirements and expectations; pursuing organizational and technical excellence & operating with good professional practices".


SAMM ENDORSED Calibration Certificate


ICTSB's calibration services comes with SAMM's ENDORSED certificate & stickers

SAMM (Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia) endorsed calibration certificate gives you confidence in all of the followings:

  • The validity of the calibration measurement data;
  • The laboratory has been independently assessed for technical competence;
  • The calibration was done in accordance with the stated specification, calibration method and correct environment;
  • The equipment sent in for calibration is handled and stored properly;
  • The equipment used during calibration was calibrated correctly;
  • The calibration certificate correctly describe or report correctly of the measurement data;
  • Appropriate quality control was performed;
  • Calibration is performed by suitable qualified and trained staff;
  • Proper equipment management and adherence to calibration and maintenance program;
  • Adherence to Internal Audit program ;
  • Participates external PT program to ensure its correctness and quality;
  • Provision of warranty if result of calibration is unsatisfactory within a limited period upon delivery;


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